Mission & Vision

Mission Statement:
The Pleasant Grove Lacrosse/Stickball League is an independent organization that promotes sports by targeting athletic development and competitive exposure to team sports. The goal is to establish a community Lacrosse/stickball program in the pleasant grove community that is economically challenged, mostly native, and has a lot of underrepresented youth.  
The organization's primary mission is to create opportunities for all boys, girls, men, and women to play team sports together where they can learn essential skills and life lessons in ways that are consistent with best practices in life.  There is a high level of pride in representing your team. I want to bring that tradition back to our community. We also educate our young Indigenous community peoples to promote language and culture preservation. Through the sharing of culture, it can be brought to life, respected, and appreciated. Preserving the culture also preserves the wisdom and knowledge of the Indigenous peoples.

One of our goals is teaching children to adults the importance of community and giving back, whether that is to the land, the water, the earth, or the air, we need to work together to form a cohesive movement. We educate everyone about the climate and the things that affect them from the food they eat to the water they drink to the air they breathe. 

Playing lacrosse/stickball is medicine, and tribes used it to heal and lift the spirits of community members. 

Thank you for the generous donations so far. Please share widely among your friends, that is the best way we can grassroots fund-raise.  The mission of the organization is to establish a community Lacrosse/Stickball Club in the Pleasant Grove community that is economically challenged, mostly indigenous underrepresented youth, who need to bring back the traditions to our community.