Saponi Stickball and Lacrosse Program in the Piedmont of North Carolina, Honors Native Americans

As kids and teens get active in school, the youth advocacy organization reminds parents, teachers and community members not to forget programs that teaches kids to stay healthy and active while learning about their native American cultural heritage of healing. If you miss the event the Saponi Stickball/Lacrosse program is yearlong and will hold skills, drills, practices and scrimmages with other native American associations year-round.

Mebane, NC, January 26, 2019 --( Support Our Arthritic Kids launched its 2018 Saponi Stickball/Lacrosse program in July, and continued its momentum today, announcing an interest meeting and event in February 2019 at the Pleasant Grove Recreation Center.

“Increasingly, younger generations of Native American’s are abandoning traditions -opportunities for a close connection to the earth – with a resultant increase in disease and impaired health states. We are excited to add this program to support our community’s youth initiative of the Autoimmune Awareness campaign,” said Crystal Cavalier, president and CEO of Support Our Arthritic Kids. Less than 100 years ago, autoimmune illnesses were almost unheard of among native American communities. Ceremonies play an important role in the overall well-being of traditional Native American people but the healing potential of this practice is typically unappreciated by allopathic health providers. By bringing Lacrosse/Stickball back to the community, Support Our Arthritic Kids Inc., are focused on making sure youth stay active and healthy– making sure we offer opportunities to empower youth to excel in school, eating healthy, become good citizens and leading productive lives.

As the community’s leading advocate for youth health awareness, the goal is to ensure that every youth in the area has an open door to a great future. Throughout the Saponi Stickball Program, additional partners are supporting youth by donating lacrosse equipment and supplies, encouraging their employees to volunteer with our program and engaging the public to participate in the awareness campaign.

About Support Our Arthritic Kids, Inc

SOAK was started in 2010 by native American military spouse who was frustrated by the lack of public awareness about juvenile arthritis in military and native American communities, and by the lack of advocacy for arthritis patients. We believe that if the communities such as teachers, parents, pediatricians are made aware that arthritis is more than “a few sore joints” and that arthritis strikes children, teenagers and young adults; money will be contributed to arthritis research.